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Best Garage Door.

The Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Garage Door for Your Home.

Garage doors are an under-rated feature of a house but they serve many purposes and it’s important to choose the right one. A garage door isn’t just for housing the car and protecting it from the elements. You also need to consider security and insulation if you use it to store prized or valuable posessions.

Garage doors should be durable, sturdy, and attractive to blend in with the design of your home. If you are looking for a new garage door for your house but don’t know where to start, then this article is just what you need! We will discuss how to choose the best garage door that not only fits both your taste and budget but also meets the standards for security and insulation that you need.

Before you buy a garage door, it is important to know what kind of door will work best for your home. There are many types of doors available, and the right one can increase your home’s curb appeal as well as provide security against intruders. To get started on thinking about which door will work best for you is by asking yourself these questions.

New garage doors - installations in Norfolk and South Lincoln

The experts at Complete Garage Doors will help you to choose the best garage door but most of our Norfolk and South Lincoln customers do a little research and a bit of thinking before they decide who to call for a quote.

If that’s you, consider these factors when deciding on the best garage door. Complete Garage Doors Norfolk supply the widest range of garage doors so you won’t be short of choice.

  • How much do you want to spend? You don’t have to spend a fortune for a decent garage door but there is a wide price spread from £645 to several thousand pounds.
  • Are you happy with a manual garage door, or do you want the convenience of automation? Consider how long you expect to have the garage door. During its lifetime, will you reach an age where lifting a garage door may not be easy for you?
  • Where it is to be fitted. Is there space at the top of the door for a roller garage door to roll into. If not, does the garage door need to sit along the inside of the roof when it’s open?
  • How much space do you have on the drive? If you need to park right up to the garage door, maybe a roller door or a sectional would be the best garage door for you as it lifts in its own space. An up and over garage door lifts into the driveway space meaning that if you were parked close you might have to move the car to open the garage.
  • What you will be using your garage for. Is it just a space to park the car? Will it double as a workshop, a gym, or be used for storage. Any other use than parking a car may be a reason to think of extra security and insulation.

These are just some of the questions that may come up when trying to decide on the best garage door. We’ll cover some other considerations too.

In this article you’ll find:

What features make up a good garage door?

How to compare brands of garage doors.

The features and benefits of the materials available.

The costs of garage doors.

Maintenance of garage doors.

There are many garage doors to choose from and it can be hard to find the best one for your home. Luckily, this blog post is here to help you pick out the perfect door. First, we will go over some of the most popular types of garage doors so that you know what’s available. Next, we will show you how to narrow down your choices based on your personal needs and budget. Finally, we’ll talk about a few considerations that may affect which type of door is right for you.

Most Popular Types of Garage Door.

You may need advice about which type of door is suitable for the space you have but start with what you have a preference for. These are the most popular types of garage door.

Up and Over Garage Door Norfolk

Up and Over Garage Door.

Up and over doors are the most simple to operate and for that reason are usually the cheapest. Essentially they are one piece that lifts into the roof space. There are a variety of patterns but the most popular are either horizontal or vertical lines. Georgian style doors are also popular. Find out more about our cheapest up and over garage door.

Roller Door

Roller Garage Door.

Roller garage doors are built out of separate smaller panels allowing them to roll up just inside the door. Like the sectional doors, they lift straight up so you can park close to the door. Because they do not sit along the roof of the garage, they are particularly attractive to people who like to use their garage as workshops or gyms. The garage can feel more like a room if the garage door isn’t obtrusive. Some roller garage doors are housed in a cartridge so look very neat from inside.

Sectional Garage Door Norfolk

Sectional Garage Door.

Sectional garage doors are built out of separate panels. This allows them to lift in their own space to slide below the roof space where they will sit when open in the same way that up and over garage doors do. The difference is that when you open an up and over garage door it lifts outward whereas the sectional garage door goes straight up. This means that you can use all of your space in front of the garage and park very close to the door. 

A sectional garage door may be a more practical choice if you need a wide garage. Manual sectional garage doors are easier to lift than the up and over as you can lift it in place rather than having to step back with it as you would with the up and over.

Side hinged garage doors Norfolk

Side Hinged Garage Door.

Side hinged garage doors also known as swing doors are popular with customers who want manual doors but don’t want to lift a door. They open as easily as any door in your house. They are also convenient if you are in an out of your garage a lot or spend a lot of time inside it. You can leave the door ajar and have the flexibility of opening one or both.

Bear in mind if you have a short drive, you need space to open the doors. A side-hinged door needs the space of the full width of the door to open.

sliding garage doors Norfolk

Sliding Garage Door.

Sliding garage doors or round the corner doors are made of vertical slats or sections. They move sideways to sit against the wall when open. They are mostly popular for very wide doors and for those where headroom is limited. They are useful for partial opening for pedestrian access or to open the door just a little for air flow if you are working in the garage.

What else should you consider when buying a garage door?

There are many garage doors to choose from and it can be hard to find the best one for your home. Luckily, this blog post is here to help you pick out the best garage door. First, we will go over some of the most popular types of garage doors so that you know what’s available. Next, we will show you how to narrow down your choices based on your personal needs and budget. Finally, we’ll talk about a few considerations that may affect which type of door is right for you.

Here are some simple steps to follow:

Measuring for Your Garage Door.

Determine what size door you need by measuring your opening and find out if a standard or custom size is needed. You don’t have to be 100% accurate with this. A reputable garage door supplier won’t supply without taking measurements first.

What are Standard Garage Door Sizes?

A large selection of stock garage doors exist in the market – most are standard sizes for your convenience while others may be more difficult to find and may need to be made to measure for you.

Standard size up and over doors express their widths in increments of 6” starting at 6’6” wide up to 14’0’ wide with increments of 12” after 9’0” wide. You’ll still find that most garage door suppliers talk in feet and inches.

The most popular ‘standard’ size garage doors in the UK are still 7’x 6’6” and 7’ x 7’ for a single garage and 14’ x 7’ for a double. This is particular common for up and over garage doors.

Standard heights are 6’4”, 6’6” and 7’0” with some exceptions from certain manufacturers.

What’s the Best Colour for a Garage Door?

Choosing the colour of your garage door can be the most simple of the decisions that you need to make but can also be the decision that causes our customers the most stress.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Colour of Your Garage Door.

It can be tough to find the right one for your house, but there are some factors that you should take into consideration when choosing the colour for your garage door.

Garador Carlton Spalding Before

Our Best Selling Garage Door. The Garador Carlton. £645 including steel frame, VAT and waste cleared.

1. Budget.

The decision about colour may be taken out of your hands as budget can affect your choice.

If, for instance, you want a new garage door to replace an old broken one to improve kerb appeal for selling your house, you may have your favourite colour in mind. Our best selling door is the Garador Carlton at £645. We buy vast quantities in white so that we can pass the savings onto our customers. Many of our Norfolk and Lincoln customers sacrifice their colour choice knowing white will not offend anyone. For selling a home, it looks smart and clean.

2. Location of Your Garage.

If you stand in front of your property, is your garage in the same view as your house contributing to the kerb appeal. If so, you may be thinking about a matching front door and garage door. This isn’t necessary but it does provide a cohesive and smart look. If you are considering changing both, we can also supply your front door. If you don’t want the doors to match you also don’t want them to clash so don’t choose a blue garage with a red front door for instance. Consider having one of them neutral so if your front door is bright, choose a neutral garage door such as woodgrain or white.

SWS Garage Doors Woodgrain

A woodgrain garage door looks smart and will fit well with most front doors.

Green Garage door by Garage Doors Norfolk

Chartwell Green is a popular modern colour that has its roots in tradition so will stand the test of time.

3. Longevity.

Consider how long you will live with your garage door. You could be looking at it for 10-20 years and you want to love it every time you see it. If you choose a bright colour that is currently fashionable, you could find it unpleasant to look at after a couple of years. Most garage door manufacturers have already considered this in their offered range so stock colours tend to be classics that stand the test of time. If you do want something unusual, there are ranges that offer to match RAL colours.

4. Brick Colour.

If you look at the bricks of your house or garage, you will see that they are made up of many different colours. The base colour may be red, yellow or grey but when you look closely you will see that they also have reds, grey, greens and blues in them. This is often a good starting point for choosing the colour of your garage door.

These anthracite doors are perfect for the dark grey accents in the brick that have already been highlighted with the darker bricks.

3 Carteck insulated sectional garage doors Long Sutton, Lincoln
Garage Doors Black Sectional

5. Personal Choice.

The most important aspect of choosing a colour is personal choice. Think about the colours that you like and have an effect on you. Is the overall look of your home dark? Would lighter garage doors have a lifting effect? If you chose your home because it looked modern or traditional, do you want to enhance that or try to influence the look of your home?

If your garage is in the garden do you want to work with the colours of nature or stand out.

There’s a lot to think about when you buy a garage door but at Complete Garage Doors, we make it easy for you. Our vast experience helps us to advise you on colour, style and use. Call us for your no-obligation, no pressure quote. 

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