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Garage Door Maintenance and Cleaning.

How to care for your Garage.

Garage door maintenance is simple and takes very little time. In case you have questions, we’ll try to answer them here whether you’ve recently bought a new garage door from us or have an old one. 

If something is actually wrong with your garage, we offer a very reasonable garage door repair service with no call-out fee. There is no need to attempt something complicated. Whether you have bought from us or not, ask us first. You can find out more on our garage door repair page.

If you haven’t bought your garage door yet, there may a couple of things to consider if you want garage maintenance to be minimal.

Wooden doors require the most maintenance as they must be weatherproofed occasionally depending on how exposed they are to the elements.

Automatic doors are easier to use and although they may need a service once in a while, not required for manual doors, the convenience outweighs the minimal future maintenance required.

Garage door maintenance ladder in the way

1. Always ensure that the garage doorway is clear.

Garage doors are easy to care for and require very little maintenance. Repairs are most often required because of user error. We are all too busy so it’s easy to make minor mistakes that end up costing money. Brooms, ladders and other tools are often left propped up in the corner, in the way of roller door tracks.

If you have an automated roller door, it should have a sensor that will stop before reaching an obstacle.

2. Open and close manual garage doors from the centre.

If your natural path leads you to walk out of the side of the garage it’s tempting to push the garage door down from the side. It will take a while but over time this will cause uneven use and your garage door may move and come down on one side. Sometimes we can fix these but always opening and closing from the centre will ensure your garage door last longer.

You don’t want to end up with a garage door that looks like this one.

Garage door maintenance broken door
Garage door maintenance key left in door

3. Take the keys out.

If you have a manual roller door, make sure you take the keys out before you lift the door. The door will disappear into the roller cassette and break the key on the way. Even if you have an up and over door, it’s worth taking the key out. The other keys are often needed and assuming you remember where they are, you’ll have to close it to retrieve the keys.

An article by the Daily Mail online says that we all waste an average of ten minutes a day looking for things. Keys being third on the list. 

4. Keep the floor clear.

If you have a rubber seal at the bottom of the door and it constantly lands on uneven surfaces, eventually the rubber will be dented and scruffy. This typically happens with gravel drives. Keep a broom handy to sweep these away.

If you don’t have a rubber seal attached to the door, consider fitting a rubber floor seal to prevent debris and water coming in.

Make sure that you don’t get a build up of stones and dirt at the bottom of the frame.

Garage door maintenance rubber seal
Garage door maintenance broken garage

5. Be aware of where the garage is.

Even the most experienced drivers make mistakes. Give yourself a landmark on your driveway that lines up with your mirrors so that you do not drive into your own garage door. It happens, as evidenced by the picture here.

It is handy also, to hang a tennis ball from the roof so it hits the windscreen or rear window when you’ve reached the right point. If you want something already made you can buy one here.

6. Garage Door Cleaning.

 You can clean your door with anything that has a low PH value. If you treat it much the same as your front door or window sills, you won’t go too far wrong. If you wash your own car, it may be useful to get in the habit of wiping the door down at the same time. A wipe down with a damp cloth is usually enough if the garage door is protected from the elements. Garage doors at roadsides or in open spaces may suffer a bit more.

As with your car, do not use abrasive cloths or sponges. Also do not use a jet washer.

7. Cleaning a Wooden Garage Door.

There’s slightly more garage door maintenance when you choose wood but if you are a fan, you’re probably already aware that there is a small price to pay for the natural beauty of it. A wooden garage door will already be weatherproofed. For cleaning, treat it much as you would any other garage door. It’s designed to withstand rain so a bit of water from washing, won’t hurt it as long as the weatherproof paint or varnish is intact. Be careful of any flaked paint or varnish. Fix these as soon as possible.

In general, depending on how exposed, the door is, a wipe with a damp cloth should be enough.

8. Repainting or varnishing a wooden garage door.

The amount of exposure to the elements will determine how often you weatherproof your garage door. If it is sheltered in your garden it will be less exposed than a roadside garage.

Repainting or staining your wooden garage door will keep it looking new and will protect it from damage. You can do this every year if you wish but every 2-3 years is usually enough.

When you do refinish your wooden garage doors you will want to remove any dust, dirt or peeling paint.
Use a wood filler for any cracks or blemishes and leave to dry before painting.
Sand down the door to give a good finish for the paint or varnish to stick to.
Degrease the door with a special cleaning spray and touch up areas of mildew, with a mildew cleaning solution.
Raise the door and let it dry so that it doesn’t gather dirt on your new preparation.
Use masking tape to cover handles, walls surrounding the door, windows etc…
If painting over wood, apply wood primer to the whole of the door and allow to dry fully before applying paint.
Apply the paint and overlap the strokes for an even finish
(Apply a few light coats for the best coverage.)

Always do the whole door. Trying to patch paint or varnish will only leave an area that doesn’t match the rest.

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