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Garage Doors – Frequently Asked Questions.

All Your Questions About Garage Doors Answered.

Norfolk and South Lincoln

Garage doors are not complex but buying one is still an important decision. You will live with it for a long time and we want you to choose one that you will love and can maintain easily.

We love garage doors and will happily answer any questions that you have. In the meantime, here are the answers to the most common questions about garage doors.

Which garage doors are best?

Your choice of garage door will depend on several factors including how it looks, the colour choice, how easy you want daily use to be, what you are storing and how much you want to spend.

We discuss your needs with you before recommending options.

Up and over garage doors are a popular choice and are both effective and simple to use, as well as being extremely secure. As they can be manufactured using a range of materials, including steel, uPVC, GRP and timber, they’re a great choice of door, no matter what your budget.

What types of garage doors are there?

Garages usually fall into the following five categories. Your choice may be influenced by space available at the sides or above the garage door.

Up and Over Garage Doors.

Sectional Garage Doors.

Roller Garage Doors.

Side Hinged Garage Doors.

Side Sliding Garage Doors.

Which garage door is cheapest?

Simple up and over garage doors are the cheapest. Our Garador Carlton in white is the cheapest we know of at £645 including VAT, installation and with waste taken away.

If you thought it would be more to have a decent garage you could spend a little more on an automated garage. Our Novotherm Thornby retractable garage in white is only £840 including VAT and installation. Also with waste cleared. We guarantee our prices and are so confident that we are the cheapest that we offer an additional 5% discount if you can find the same product cheaper available in the same time frame.

Which garage doors need the most maintenance?

Wooden doors require the most maintenance as they must be weatherproofed occasionally depending on how exposed they are to the elements.

Automatic doors are easier to use and although they may need a service once in a while, not required for manual doors, the convenience outweighs the minimal future maintenance required.

Do garage doors come as a standard size?

For a regular residential house, the ‘typical’ garage door measurements are 7 x 6 feet 6 inches or 7 x 7 feet. 2130mm x 1830 mm or 2130mm x2130.  Most architects, developers and independent builders will design to this specification. 

Double garage doors are typically 12, 14 and 16 ft wide. 

They can also be made to measure but if you haven’t built your garage yourself, it’s likely that it will be standard size.

Can you paint garage doors?

You can paint your garage door if it is metal or wood. Make sure you use the correct outdoor primers and paint for the job. Flat surfaces such as metal are better painted with a roller rather than a brush to achieve a smooth finish.

Why is my garage door not closing?

Automated Garage Doors.

Obstruction Problem – If there is an obstruction, the safety sensors detect that there is something under the path of the garage door and will not allow the garage door to close.  If your garage has sensors at knee level or below make sure nothing is standing in the path of the sensors such as broom propped in the corner. Wiring Problem – The safety sensors are powered by low voltage wires that are connected to the garage door opener motor. It is unusual for these to fail.

Manual Garage Doors.

Manual garage doors can fail after time if they are consistently opened and closed from the sides causing an imbalance. You may have a broken spring or the door can come off its track It’s important not to force the door. If you can, take it back to the beginning and try closing again.

Once you have checked the obvious and your garage door still will not close, give us a call. We do not charge a call-out fee. See more about our repair service here.

Why is my garage door not opening?

Automated Garage Doors.

Broken garage door torsion or extension springs are usually the cause of garage doors not opening. If the garage door is not opening but the motor is running, the problem might rest on the springs in your garage door assembly. Broken springs are the most common issue at hand whenever we are called to a residence to repair a garage door.

Manual Garage Doors.

The same applies for opening as closing in the section above. See more about our repair service here.

Why is my garage door stuck?

If your garage door is stuck then it is most likely on a roller system and something will be stuck in the track. Also, check you haven’t left anything standing in the way of your garage door. Your garage door works because the garage door opener unwinds or winds the torsion springs, pulling or pushing the garage door with rollers along a track.

Where should you lubricate a garage door?

The springs are normally located at the top of the door and these must be lubricated along with the bearing plates. The bearing plates lie on both the ends of the springs. Spray down the outside of the springs and near the centre of the bearing plates, then open and close your garage door to spread the grease around.

What are garage doors made of?

Like front doors, garage doors can be made of steel, aluminium, wood, wood composites, fibreglass, vinyl, or UPVC. Your choice will depend on the look, price and ease of maintenance.

Are garage doors covered by home insurance?

You should check your policy. In most cases, your garage door will be covered if it’s on your property. You may have to specify it separately if it is in communal grounds. Cosmetic damage and wear and tear to your garage door aren’t likely to be covered by home insurance if they don’t affect the functioning of the garage, but structural damage to your garage door will be covered. 

Make sure that the contents of your garage are specified in your schedule too. It’s easy to overlook these but the cost of tools can add up to a large sum.

Are garage doors galvanised?

Nowadays steel garage doors are most commonly made from galvanised steel. Very old doors may not have this protection. Galvanising steel is the process of applying a protective layer of zinc, which coats the steel and prevents rusting.

Are garage doors insulated?

There are quite a few factors involved in considering insulation for your garage. Modern roller and sectional garage doors have foam-filled sections. It’s easy to imagine that these will be better insulated than the thinner single skin metal doors of old.

The insulation will be further affected by the quality of the rubber seals all around the door. It will also help to have a floor seal, especially if the door meets ground that is uneven.

Can garage doors be airtight?

Garage doors are very large, and while all come with a bottom seal to keep out water, wind, dirt, and unwanted intruders, making them actually airtight would require some extra seals. Extra thin weatherstripping between the door panels​ may help if you want to make the door as airtight as possible. 

If you think about fridges and how tightly they fit, you wouldn’t want that for a garage as they would be hard to close and open. If you are thinking that you want to protect your belongings, it may be worth having a low-cost heater for extreme temperatures.

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