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8 Ways to Make Your Garage More Secure

Garage thefts are on the increase. While we think of protecting our house, we often forget about garage security, not realising the value of tools and bicycles until they are gone.

These days, homes are much secure. 85% of homes have double glazed windows with strong locks, sturdy multi-lock point front and back doors and other security measures in place such as alarms. With less opportunity for pickings from houses, places like the garage are more likely to be a target for potential burglars.

Garages and sheds tend to be less well guarded and are not usually the priority for spending money on. They can have flimsy doors and locks that haven’t been updated in a while.

Many homeowners don’t use their garage to put the car in. Instead. it’s used as an ad hoc storage space for things like garden tools and equipment as well as bikes and other property that need to be kept secure.

Life after COVID means that we are all spending more time at home and our houses are feeling as if they have less space. Improving garage security may mean that you can use it for more items and free up some space.

While thinking about improving garage security, it may also be worth thinking, in general about how to get the best use of the space.

Large toys, cleaning equipment, additional freezers and even tumble dryers could be consigned to the garage if it is near enough to your house. You could even consider installing a hardwearing floor so that you can use it as a rainy day playroom.

1. Be more efficient with your own vigilance. 

Thief breaching garage security

Of course, you don’t need to be told to lock up your outside spaces. That’s common sense. But why is it that the one day you forget to lock the garage door is the day a burglar decides to target your house.

It’s probably not a coincidence. It’s more likely that these thieves go round checking regularly because they know that the chance of someone forgetting to lock the door is quite high. If they try regularly enough, the will find some open.

It costs nothing to set a nightly alarm on your phone to remind you. In some ways this is the most important tip as your insurance may not payout if you have not locked your garage.

2. Keep the garage door closed.

It’s tempting to leave the garage door open when the car is not in it. It’s easier than getting back out to lock the door and again when you return. Most people leave the car out all day and return it at night. If you leave the garage door open in between, this gives the potential burglar plenty of time to see if it’s worth returning after dark. This also happens when you’re doing jobs around the garden or getting your bike out for a quick ride. Strong garage security means being alert to the opportunity that you are giving to thieves.

Once you have finished with the garage, pull the door closed and lock it. That includes when you are simply popping down the shops.

open garage is poor garage security

Once you have finished with the garage, pull the door closed and lock it. That includes when you are simply popping down the shops. It only takes a minute and you will certainly wish you’d taken the time if you are burgled.

If you find it a nuisance, consider automating, the garage door so you can close it at a click of a button.

3. Install Automation on your existing door.

Garage automation for extra garage security

Having an automated door isn’t just a status symbol or clever gadget. It gives extra security in itself. It also means that you can open and close the door with a click of a button without having to get out of the car. This ease of use means that you will close the door more often and will be encouraged to put the car away. 

Of course, it only takes a minute to close a garage door but humans are hard-wired to take the easy route so we are all inclined to think the garage will be fine left open for a minute, or while we pop to the shop.

Automation also ensures consistent smooth motion so it prolongs the life a garage.

4. Install CCTV.

CCTV has been a common fixture in shops, pubs, car parks and other public places for years. Now, thanks to easier installation and falling prices, it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for security-conscious homeowners.  However, a survey by Which? shows that only 16% of  1,330 Which? members* surveyed in January 2019 have home CCTV and/or a wireless camera (either indoors or outside). You can buy cameras on their own, or as part of a whole security package. Costs range from around £20 for one wired camera with a night-vision range of 5 metres, to around £450 for a vandal-proof camera. 

Read more about CCTV on the Which? website.

CCTV will help garage security

A single camera CCTV system is easy to use and access on your phone. Even a dummy CCTV will act as a deterrent to most thieves.

5. Regularly check your garage door.

While most doors are fairly sturdy, rotting frames can make them easy to break in to. This area is more open to the elements than some other parts of your home, so it pays to give it the once over at least every 6 months or so. Check that the frame is sturdy and there is no rust or wood rot. Push at the door to see how easy it is to shift.

If you have an up and over garage door, you might want to think about switching this for a more secure roller style or even a sectional door. These are generally considered highly secure and the latest models come with strong, quality locks. Automatic doors nowadays have high levels of security with locking at multiple points.

If you are storing expensive equipment, consider installing a door that is endorsed by the police with their ‘Secure by Design’ initiative.

6. Make sure your garage is well lit.

Garages are often in the shadows so provide easy cover for night time prowlers.

Garage automation for extra garage security

You can find a wide range of outside security lights at  They are easily available at your local DIY store.

When you choose your outside lights, make sure they have the following features.

Motion detection.

One of the best security features to look for in outdoor security lights is motion detection. Whenever an activity is detected in the vicinity of your home, you’ll know.

Adjustable timing
Look for an outdoor light that allows you to time how long the light shines when motion is detected to save energy and money. Some lights are equipped with settings for 1, 5 or 10 minutes to shine light before shutting off.

Backup rechargeable battery
Just in case there’s an outage, consider an outdoor light with a backup power source such as a rechargeable battery to help protect your home without worry if it’s hardwired.

7. Chain up bikes in the garage.

It’s a nuisance and you shouldn’t have to chain up bikes when they are already securely inside. You probably have some kind of bike lock already so it makes sense that you use it inside. Of course, if they’ve hacked through a door they may have tools to cut a lock too but thieves are usually looking to get in and out quickly so any deterrent may help.

The independent has a good write up about bike locks including Kryptonite which we are fans of.

Lock bikes for extra garage security

If you have several bikes chain them together.

8. Secure Windows and Doors.

Old windows and doors compromise garage security

With the house taking priority in the budget, windows and side doors are often neglected, especially if they are out of sight.

These can be particularly vulnerable if they are the old wooden type. They also may not be ideal for insulation if you want to keep your belongings safe and dry.

You can upgrade to PVC windows and doors cost-effectively and a window with an opener may give you an easier way to air the garage rather than leaving the main door open.

At the very least make sure that all windows and doors have a secure lock. You can change the garage lock for a more secure one by calling us. We have several options for you to choose from.

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