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Garador Garage Doors Warranty Information.

Warranty Period.

The following is reproduced from the Garador Garage Doors website. 

The purchaser of a Garador Garage door is granted a limited warranty covering the safe and reliable function of the Garador garage door for a period of 10 years* from the date of purchase The warranty period for replacement parts is 6 months or to the end of the current warranty period, whichever is longer In the case of timber and GRP garage doors, a limited warranty of 2 years is granted on the door panel alone under the terms and conditions specified herein.

The purchaser is given a 5-year guarantee from the date of purchase on the springs, wire cables, track rollers, hinges and guide rollers of garage doors in normal use, whereby normal use constitutes no more than 5 door operations (open/ close) per day).

The door mechanism and steel frame of Garador garage doors (if applicable) is covered by the 10-year limited* warranty period Requirements.  Warranty claims are only applicable in the country where the garage door was purchased. The product must have been purchased through our authorised distribution channels. The limited warranty only covers damage to the contract object. The fully completed warranty card together with the receipt of purchase correspondingly dated substantiates your right to claim under the warranty.

Product Performance

During the warranty period we undertake to rectify any and all defects to the Garador product which can be proved to be attributed to a material or manufacturing fault. We pledge at our discretion either to exchange the defective merchandise for faultless merchandise, repair it or allow a reduction in price. We do not accept costs for dismantling and installation nor for carriage. Replaced parts become our property.

The warranty does not cover damage caused through:

  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Improper installation.
  • Negligent care and maintenance.
  • Improper initial and subsequent operation.
  • Negligent or wanton destruction.
  • External influences such as fire, water, salts, alkaline solutions or acids.
  • Abnormal environmental Influences.
  • Mechanical damage through Improper transport and fitting.
  • Priming and other surface protection treatments.
  • Incorrect or too late applied surface protection treatments.
  • Repair by non-qualified persons.
  • Using non-Garador parts without the approval of the manufacturer.
  • Removal of the product number or making it unidentifiable.

* Applicable to doors purchased after July 2003

How to Maintain your Garador Garage Door.

If in doubt about any of these maintenance procedures below always consult a Garador specialist. Complete Garage Doors Norfolk is a registered installer and can help with serving and repairs.

Immediately after the door is fitted and after every 5,000 operations of the door, or at least once a year, oil all pivot points, check screws and clamped connections for tightness, keep the running tracks clean (do not grease them), check parts and replace any worn components where necessary. The springs should be replaced after approx. 25,000 operations by an experienced door fitter (see fitting and operation instructions). Do not oil the lock cylinder; if it is sticking, only lubricate with graphite dust. For canopy doors only, check the cable every 6 months with normal usage (8 operations per day). Have the cables replaced by an expert if any wear is found.

The door, and frame if applicable, should be washed with a mild soap-based solution on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of dirt, salts and other corrosive substances and help maintain the aesthetic appearance of the product. If the door is installed in a seafront location, the door panel and frame should be cleaned in this way at least every two months. We also suggest that all other components be brushed down on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of dirt and dust etc.

Corrosive such as acids, alkalines, and salts, etc. should be cleaned from the door immediately; failure to do so will result in deterioration of the finish, which will not be covered under our limited warranty. When the time comes to repaint your door then prepare the surface lightly with wet and dry. Then treat with two coats of a normal commercial paint for external use (cellulose paints must not be used).

If the key is turned completely, the door is then locked or unlocked; when unlocked it is then possible to open and close the door by turning the handle. If the key is turned 1/4 of the way, the door opened and then the key returned to its start position, the door will re-lock when closed. By moving the internal locking “snib”, it is possible to lock and unlock the door from the inside without using the key (not applicable on Secured by Design doors).

Timber Doors
Timber doors are supplied poly-wrapped, and the timber panels coated with a neutralising base-stain. Doors must be stored upright, under cover, with wrapping intact, until wrapping is removed. As soon as the door is unwrapped, one coat of a good quality basecoat primer must be applied to both sides of the door. Immediately after installation, your timber doors require a further two coats of a good quality exterior wood finish on both sides. Initial application and periodic treatment should be carried out strictly in accordance with the woodstain manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to follow these instructions will result in early deterioration of the timber panel.

GRP Doors
GRP door panels should periodically washed down using soapy water. This should be done more frequently if fitted near the sea. Bird droppings will bleach the finish on GRP, and should be removed using soapy water as soon as possible. GRP doors should not be painted over.

Steel Doors
Garador steel doors are a finished product. They do not require immediate re-painting on site. They are however not immune to damage, which can occur at any stage of the handling of the product from factory to site. Minor surface damage can easily be repaired using touch up sprays or sticks without invalidating warranties. For extra peace of mind, order your steel door poly-wrapped at the factory to help prevent damage from occurring prior to installation A Garador garage door needs only a minimum level of preparation and maintenance to give years of trouble-free service.

How to Make a Claim

Garador garage door products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and leave our factory only after rigorous quality testing. However, if you should have grounds for complaint, this section tells you what our door warranty offers, and how to go about making your claim. In the unlikely event of a warranty claim becoming necessary, please contact the dealer or distributor who originally supplied your garage door. Your dealer should then supply details of the claim, together with a copy of the warranty card provided with the door and proof of purchase to the Warranty Department here at Garador. To enable your claim under warranty to be processed as quickly as possible, you should provide the following details:

  • Your name, address and telephone number.
  • Original invoice with date of purchase.
  • Product description/door type and product number.
  • Description of defect.

An assessment of the claim will then be made. This may require Garador to inspect the product in-situ. In the event that there is no legitimate warranty claim under the terms specified herein, you may be liable for the costs of the inspection visit. We strongly recommend that you take note of the care and usage instructions displayed on the stickers on the back of your garage door and that you follow these instructions throughout.

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